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Limited Time Pricing

Full Body Cryotherapy

$75 $40
  • Single Session
  • Whole body cryotherapy exposes the body to temperatures below -200 degrees F for 1 to 3 minutes. At this temperature, your body activates several mechanisms that have many potential long-term cosmetic and medical benefits.

Normatec Compression Therapy

$45 $25
  • 30 Minute Single Session
  • Compression therapy is a simple and very effective means of increasing blood flow activity in the lower limbs through the strengthening vein support. A single session lasts 30 minutes and can have many benefits for the body.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

$370 $165
  • 5 Sessions

Whole Body Cryotherapy

$550 $250
  • 10 Sessions

Whole Body Cryotherapy

$800 $395
  • 20 Sessions

Compression Therapy

$175 $95
  • 5 Sessions

**New Customer Special Rates Available

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Benefits of Cryotherapy

Benefit Number of Sessions Frequency
Injury Recovery

Improved Athletic Performance

Metabolic Boost

Range of Motion

Chronic Pain or Arthritis Relief

Weight Loss & Skin Tightening







2-3 per week

3-5 per week

3-5 per week

3-5 per week

2-4 per week

3-5 per week

**Benefits vary per individual. These values are recommendations.

Train Like the Pros

These college and pro teams are all using Impact cryosaunas to increase athletic performance and speed up recovery. If you can’t be a pro, then train like one!

The University of Missouri
The University of Georgia
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgetown University
Wake Forest University

The Oakland Athletics
The Kansas City Royals
The Cleveland Indians
The Miami Marlins
The New Orleans Pelicans